International Persian Students say:

I really appreciated the four terms I spent in Tehran University. The dynamic and committed professors were always seeking for the best way to teach us. The exercises and methodologies were diversified and their purposes were not only to transmit their knowledge in the language, but also to offer an insight into Iranian culture. I arrived in Iran with no background in Persian but quickly improved due to the quality of the courses.

Damien Waurchoz
2016 Entry – French

Finding a new Iranian best friend; engaging with philosophical and theoretical ideas that rarely arise in the course of my Australian day job; sitting with and listening to classmates from all over the world; watching a film each week as part of the Farsi program; hearing the divergent political ideas of various faculty lecturers; getting to know the library and administrative staff; attending public lectures with high-profile guest speakers; being challenged to think creatively about the I.R. Iran’s interconnected geography, history, religion, culture and politics; and writing my first – rather mistake- ridden – essays in Persian.

David Moren
2017 Entry – Australia

 I started this course as a complete beginner. In two terms, I acquired a very satisfactory level. The course is accessible to all, as it is dispensed in Farsi only. The professors’ commitment and devotion helped the entire class to constantly improve.
I specifically appreciated the method which is well-thought out and helped with learning and practicing the new vocabulary each week, and to learn it quickly!

Valentine Debonneville
2016 Entry – French

Starting the PhD program at FWS as a foreign student is both an immense privilege and a huge challenge. The best part is being back at the faculty and seeing the familiar faces of the lecturers, staff and students who I met and who helped me during my MA. It’s also great to be in a classroom with Iranian students and to be more connected to the local student life and culture. Trying to produce several thousand words in Farsi every week to satisfy the continuous assessment requirements of the first 1.5 years of the program is a learning curve steeper than the telecabin line at Touchal and even though at times it’s hard to see through the layer of pollution produced by my language and other errors, I hope that with the patience and help of my professors and classmates at FWS the day will come when I emerge into the sunshine of competent academic Farsi and a better understanding of contemporary Iran.

Janice Webster

2018 Entry, from Australia

My mission (by my company) in Iran was to acquire “regional expertise” so that I could work better in the future in relation to Iran and the Middle East.With the classes, caring professors and ambitious young minds from other parts of the World, I could learn and understand Iran much better than I had expected.And I am certain this “MA in Iranian Studies” will stand out among credentials of my resume down the career.

YoungGyun Kim

2016 Entry, from South Korea

Emphasizing the political, cultural, and social characteristics, MA Iranian Studies in the University of Tehran opens a window onto deep knowledge of Iran. The meticulously-designed courses are beneficial for both those who want to continue an academic career in Iran-related fields and those who deal with affairs concerning Iran. Exploring this land without limitation during the program, I realized my Iranophilia and found the unduplicatable experience for my future research on the Persian language.

Na Shaoqian

2017 Entry, from China