Persian Language Program (P.L.P.)

Persian Language

The Persian Language Program (PLP), a center for teaching Persian to non-Iranian applicants, is affiliated the Faculty of World Studies at the University of Tehran. PLC is a meeting place for people across the world. Not only international students but also any international language learner who is interested in learning Persian can participate in our different courses. Founded in 2014, PLP initially held courses for international students studying Iranian Studies courses in the Faculty of World Studies. Today, the opportunity is available to anybody who would like to learn Persian at any age and educational level.

Persian language center

We provide unparalleled learning opportunities for our students. Besides academic services, students are provided with the opportunity to intermingle with the Persian community, go sightseeing and take part in real Persian-speaking situations.

Educational Goals

  • To facilitate Persian language learning for applicants
  • To provide an opportunity for international students to directly get acquainted with Iranian culture and customs,
  •  To provide different courses for different language learners

Persian Language Learning

Persian Studies Center isn’t just about academic activities – it’s important that you have time out from your studies and get involved socially too! We encourage our students to utilize the social/recreational opportunities side by side with their academic ones; sightseeing, visiting museums, historical monuments and so on.


The Persian Language Program of the Faculty of World Studies of the University of Tehran offers a range of high quality short-term and long-term Persian language courses. These courses are designed to meet the requirements of the learners.

Persian language